Chain Breakers International

Welcome to CBI!

We are sure that you will be blessed by  your experience while navigating through our site.  Here at Chain Breakers International. It is our endeavor to  illuminate “The Door” that leads to supreme freedom in Christ. We are commissioned to help those who struggle with diverse spiritual bondage’s transition to the abundant and cbi doorliberating life found in Him!

We invite you to take a look around, become a part of our Kingdom Partners list, connect with us on Facebook & Twitter, and join us in making sure that freedom reaches those who stand in need of it!

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Who We Are

Chain Breakers International, (CBI) is a multi-faceted organization designed to impact the world through Christian ministry, internationtional missions, and the local church. Our entire team is committed to fulfilling our part in the great commission by reaching the globe with a message of hope, peace, and liberty. Our mission through the power of God and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is to help people transition from diverse sexual bondages, to supreme freedom in Christ.

The Vision of CBI

In a world that is ever evolving into trends and self-indulgence, there is a need for the people of God to light the way of escape from this spiritually corrupt society. It is for this reason CBI has emerged.

Here at CBI we endeavor to:

  • Provide education and assist those persons who seek help from sexual addictions overcome them through strategic prayer, fasting and counseling.
  • Give strategies to those persons seeking freedom from alternative lifestyles.
  • Implement sound bible based teaching that will help ensure the retention of ones personal freedom.
  • Seek and save the lost through the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.